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Airplanes for 35
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Airplanes for 35

Price per Unit (piece): $17.50

Use adhesive pieces to create an airplane, rocket, space shuttle, time machine or aircraft of the future.

Social Studies
How have people tried to fly in history?  Who was successful?  Who are the famous
people identified with air travel?  If you wanted to be a pilot, what would you have to
do?  Is it the same around the world?
Language Arts
What stories and legends have been written about air travel.  Read a biography or
autobiography of someone famous that flew some kind of aircraft.
How does such a heavy piece of equipment take off from the ground?  How does the
shape of the aircraft affect it?  What materials and fuel are used in past/present day
aircraft and why? 
How fast does an airplane fly?  How high does it fly?  Compare speeds of different
types of aircraft.

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