Arts & Scraps uses recycled industrial scraps to help people of all ages and abilities think, create and learn.


What do we do?​

Arts & Scraps provides hands-on learning and creative experiences through programs at our facility and throughout Southeast Michigan with an emphasis in STEM (science, technology,engineering, math) education. We provide a community space for creating, and operate a public store that sells recycled materials at low cost  to assist all economic levels.


What's our impact?

  • We provide recycled materials for minimal cost to 3,300 organizations/classrooms annually, impacting 275,000 children while helping the environment by finding ways to reuse those materials.

  • We connect the private and educational sectors by recruiting and recycling 28 tons of material.

  • We provide 12 educational programs for groups and individuals, ranging across all age groups.

  • We maintain scholarship funds so we can serve our target audience, under-served children.

  • We travel throughout the Detroit area bringing programs and field trips to those who can’t visit our facility, using the Scrap Mobile.

  • We inspire community involvement with volunteers contributing 10,000 hours annually.

  • We involve people of all abilities; providing service learning for 115 Individuals with disabilities weekly.

Arts & Scraps is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, 38-2831910

Arts & Scraps participates in DataArts, a national database of information about the impact of arts and culture programs. 


More information about Arts & Scraps at Guidestar.org.



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