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The safety and health of our community is our top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help keep everyone safe during this time, we are accepting donations by appointment only.

To schedule a donation drop off, please email!

Thank you for understanding!

Tips on a successful donation!

Check out our donation list below, or send us an email with any questions you might have about an item.

Bring your items in a container that you do not want back. Bins, tubs, boxes or bags are all great as long as you don’t need them back.

Keep your items organized as much as possible inside your donation containers. Even if it is just separating everything into plastic grocery bags, this action saves us hours everyday. Are you emptying drawers of sewing notions from a relatives house? Just put each of those drawers into a plastic bag.

Don't live in the Detroit area? Mail your donations to 16135 Harper, Detroit, MI 48224.

Our donation wish list:

Everyday stuff

-Wine corks

-Candles, stubs and holders

-Unused stationery, cards and envelopes;

-Film containers and other small containers with or without lids

-CD’s and Cassette tapes, just the cases OK.

-Puzzles and board games w/missing or extra pieces OK

-Used printer cartridges and other office supply

-Uniform boxes and bags

-Cleaning supplies and trash bags

Fiber supplies






-Sewing notions (thread, trim, rickrack, needles, pins etc.)

-Any unfinished fiber projects

Art Supplies/ School Materials

-Paper of all types  

-Scissors, hole punches and punch out shapes

-Paints, all types and quantities

-Paint brushes and sponges

-Canvas, framed or on rolls

-Markers, all kinds but must be working


-Colored pencils

-Pens and pencils, all types

-Jewelry making supplies: beads, string, findings or broken jewelry parts

-Leather: Scraps, rolls or strings

-Rubber stamps and stamp pads

-All Artist tools: pallet knives, xactos, wood burners, screwdrivers, drafting tools, etc.

-Large machines used to create: Looms, sewing machines, knitting machines, drill press, large workroom tools, etc

Stuff from your attic

-Vintage/old photographs,

-Old Toys/Games, missing pieces OK

-Vintage cards/postcards, used OK

-Maps/globes all geography material  

-Shells, Rocks/Crystals & Natural history

-Science objects

-Crafting/makers periodicals

"No Thank you" list

Magazines/catalogs, Ceramic figurines, Any glass objects (baby food and NEW jars/containers/bottles okay) Prescription medicine bottles, Stuffed animals, Clothing, Egg cartons, Styrofoam trays/packing pieces/peanuts, Plastic food containers, Paper towel/ Toilet paper tubes. Scraps of paper of fabric smaller than your hand.


While donating, please be mindful that we try not to accept anything that could be recycled from your own home. We use our extra labor hours to sort and take non sell-able recycle ready objects to other organizations. This slows down our sorting process, takes labors away from gathering idea donations and costs us money.

Please bring clean items, sorted as much as possible. 


Don't live in the Detroit area? Send the donations to 16135 Harper, Detroit, MI 48224.

Questions? Please email


16135 Harper

Detroit, MI 48224


(313) 640-4411

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