7 Easy DIY Projects for Kids to Make at Home

Start them young, they say. When it comes to arts and creativity, doing DIY projects with your kids is a surefire way of not only letting their creative juices flourish. It’s also one way to create a strong bond between your children.

However, it’s good to make these activities fun and productive. Without further ado, here are seven easy DIY projects for kids that make for a fun and memorable shared activity.

1. Popsicle Stick Stems

Let’s start by decorating your lovely house with a flower garden – a DIY flower garden if I might add. Start by grabbing a couple of popsicle sticks, depending on how many pots of flowers you plan to make. Let your kids draw and color flowers on sturdy paper material.

Then cut.

Color the popsicle sticks in different colors. If you wish to make it more realistic, you can give it a natural green color. Then grab a small pot or can, fill it with soil. Stick the cutouts onto the popsicle sticks and prop the sticks into the soil to resemble real flowers.

2. Glowing Mason Jars

If you have a couple of mason jars lying around at home, turn them into a decorative lamp in your kids’ room. The best part is they can do the design themselves. All you need is grab a clear mason jar. Let your kids paint the mason jar with whatever design they want. Make sure the colors are not very dark so the light can pass through. Lastly, put a candle inside the mason jar or string lights and voila, it can make the design glow!

3. Paper Plate Holder

Let your kids upcycle paper plates into a desk holder. Grab two paper plates. Cut one in half. Then glue the edges of two paper plates together leaving the top part of the cut paper plate open. Then punch two holes on both sides for the string to hang in the wall. This will surely keep your kids’ desk free of pencils, rulers, and scissors.

4. Tissue Paper Roll Marble Run

Make it fun and engaging by creating a marble run out of leftover tissue paper rolls. Grab six tissue paper rolls for your base. Put two together and make sure that each pair has a different height than the others. One should be the highest, the second one should have the second to the highest height. And the third one should be the shortest.

Next is to cut rectangles in each base for the marble’s pathway. Make sure you cut the highest base at the top, the second in the middle, and the third at a low point. Then grab two more rolls, cut them in half and glue them to form an elongated tray. Put each end in the rectangular holes and that’s it!

5. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are one of the most basic DIY ideas for kids. This is especially good if there is a birthday party coming up. All you need do is to grab a piece of paper and coloring materials. Then let your kids draw birthday elements on it.

6. Dye Art-Strings

If you are having a party or renting a bounce house for your party, you can decorate the bounce house with fun colored strings. Grab different leftover strings with various colors. You can buy if there aren’t any available. Then cut the yarn or strings in various lengths. Then tie different colors together until they resemble a unicorn’s colored hair. Stick onto the bounce house and they sway while the kids jump on it.

7. Toy Telephone Cups

This is one of my favorite DIY toys when I was a kid. Grab two flat cups and punch a hole on both the cups’ bottoms. Then grab a string with at least six feet in length. Then put both ends in each hole, then tie, and your kids are all set to learn about sound waves as they play telephone cups.

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