Community Fun with Arts & Scraps!

Creating a sense of community lies at the core of Arts and Crafts role within the Eastside of Detroit. Relying solely on donated materials from kind hearts of the community, we use creative methods to transform various household objects into works of art for home use. Here at Arts & Scraps we are deeply committed to the promotion of artistic work through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) Along with maintaining a presence in the community for nearly thirty years, we have grown a loyal and diverse clientele that help to keep us going. To show our appreciation, we decided to show host our first annual Block Party!

Resourcefulness was on full display through the cost effective games that were available for people to play. Part of the space in front of our building was converted into an improvised bowling alley with a painted board as the floor, painted bottles as the tenpins, and a baseballs! Another ingenious game that we created was a makeshift Plinko board, yes the game on The Price Is Right! Our version was designed out of wood from our warehouse!

Photo: Keith Harrington

Cuddle Lump, a local artist, gathered materials from the shop to create a creature on the fence of the property which is visible to anyone driving by Arts and Crafts. The excitement of the people who showed up that day was documented by an outdoor photo booth. The most breathtaking sight of the afternoon was the mural that is being painted on the side of the building. Flowers and insects are used for the design that reminds people of the beauty of nature and that people should take the time to appreciate their surroundings, and that nature can be appreciated in an urban backdrop.This piece will surely add to the vibrancy of our neighborhood.

Photo: Lauren J. Williams

Throughout the event DJ Mister Tactix played popular songs which brought back nostalgic memories which brought people back to a more blissful state. None of the events of the day would have been possible without a team of dedicated volunteers from the community willing to give up a portion of their Saturday to work!. Filling out the roster of vendors who helped make this event a great experience were food servers such as Nosh Pit Detroit, Sisters On a Roll, and Junk Food and Friends. Education being an essential part of Arts and Crafts, there were a few vendors who provided educational materials; Recycle Cart is a program through Green Living Science that delivers recycling bins to homes. One of our sponsors Flex-N-Gate is a local auto parts manufacturer that is currently hiring 500 Detroit based people to work for their new facility! We are so grateful for our community, and we hope to expand our reach in the future! The only way we can achieve this goal is through community support, donations, volunteers, and positive word of mouth throughout our community!

Text By: Keith Harrington

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