Stacie Thompson Reflects on 28 Years with Arts & Scraps!

Arts & Scraps bookkeeper Stacie Thompson has been making major contributions to our amazing non profit for nearly 28 years! As we reflect on 30 years as a community and head towards our anniversary, we are excited to talk about the beginning of Arts & Scraps!

"Arts & Scraps builds self-confidence. It’s children making their own decisions, not following a pattern, thinking their way through, and feeling successful when their done!" - Stacie Thompson

Stacie can recall a time when Arts & Scraps was simple idea with good intentions. Some of you may not know this, but Arts & Scraps began as a store in the Sunday school room in the basement of a church! The store was only open 6 hours a week, everyone involved was a volunteer, and Stacie's daughter was responsible for running upstairs to open the door for guests as they arrived. Stacie was initially introduced to the program and founder Peg Upmeyer through a friend, and she hasn't looked back since!

"Peg was wonderful! She let everyone do their own thing, and she grew the company slowly. She had a good feel of what was going on. " - Stacie Thompson

Arts & Scraps Christmas Party!

These days Stacie is less involved in the day- to- day activities with the children, but she still makes time to drop into the store or to volunteer at Maker Faire! Stacie believes that encouraging children to make their own decisions is the best part about Arts & Scraps. Thank you so much for your years of service Stacie, keep up the great work!

Please join us for our celebration! Purchase your ticket here!

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