The Growth of Arts & Scraps!


Here at Arts & Scraps we often joke about change being the only constant thing around here. Our materials, people, and programs are always moving a mile a minute - because they must! How else would we be able to serve 275,000 people a year with only 18 staff members? As I step into this new and exciting role as Executive Director, I would like to assure you that there are just some things about Arts & Scraps that have never changed, and will never change. Here are a few pieces of our organization that you can expect to see more of, in the best ways!

1. Whether we’re helping people in our store learn about the types of “garbage” that comes our way, or helping a child to learn about the characteristics of a planet; we see education as the bedrock of all we do. We work hard to make sure that every person who experiences Arts & Scraps feels as though they have learned something new that day. We are committed to making everything we do educational, and fun! If it isn’t fun, we’ve done it wrong!

2. We are committed to the equitable and compassionate treatment of all. We are privileged to work with people all over Detroit, Metro-Detroit, and even all over the USA! We work very hard to make sure that every person feels respected and cared for while with us. No matter who you are, where you are from, and no matter the capacity in which you know Arts & Scraps; we want to make sure that we serve you to our best ability!

3. We are committed to reducing waste in the world. We use as close to 100% of recycled materials as possible. Even our shelves, bins, and decor have been salvaged from a landfill. Does this mean we never throw stuff away? No, but we do all we can to make sure we throw as little away as possible! If you want to help, please remember these simple rules:

A. If it can be recycled at home, do so.

B. If it is clean and safe for a 3 year old and up we can use it, but if not we probably can’t.

C. Is it super cool? If so, we’re probably really into it!

D. Check our “Wish List/No Thank You List” on our website if you aren’t sure!

4. We are committed to accessibility of resources. Through physical materials, thought processes, creativity, and more; we are intentional about the way that we create accessibility to all. Is this necessarily a good “business practice”? Sometimes, the answer to that is no. Is it what is best for the community and for us to reach our mission? We think so! Thank goodness we are a non-profit that is supported by thousands of monetary donors just like you every year. You make us possible!

Over my 5+ years here at Arts & Scraps, I’ve worked in almost every corner of who we are and what we do. The Board of Directors and I are extremely excited about the future of Arts & Scraps. Our staff (your staff!) are some of the best people on the planet! We have so many new and exciting projects, initiatives, and plans coming down the pike; it’s a little intimidating! I know one thing is for sure, and that is that the only reason that Arts & Scraps exists today is because of the hundreds of thousands of people like you who have come together over our 29 years. It is because of the thousands of donors, volunteers, shoppers, and teachers who welcome us into their classrooms that we are what we are today. Only with you all will we continue to serve in deeper and more expansive ways as the years continue to pass. I’m excited to be on this journey with you all! Our staff cannot do it alone! Please never hesitate to reach out about new and exciting ways that you’d like to partner with us.

Does your company have a volunteer or sponsorship program? Do you and a group of friends want to team up to make the world a better place in some fun way? Does an innovative child in your life need to find a creative home? Are you looking for a new place to give your time that will be meaningful for you as well as the community? Please reach out! There is always room for more hands, hearts, and dollars here at Arts & Scraps, I hope to see you soon!

Executive Director,

Ang Adamiak

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