Fuzzy and gold; Can you say arachnid?


Gold leaf, shredded money and other fun sticky pieces give each spider a special personality. Use yarn to make it dangling if you wish.


Materials needed: scissors, containers for shredded money and sand


Social Studies: How are spiders regarded in different cultures? In what parts of the world do they live?


Language Arts: Read some folk tales from Africa and the Caribbean about Anasi. Write an original story about your spider.


Science: Is a spider an insect? Why or why not? What are likenesses and differences from insects? Web weaving spiders are really interesting--how do they make their web? How does a spider not get caught in its own web?


Math: Is a spider symmetrical? Is a spider web symmetrical? Are there even or odd main lines on a web? How would that influence the strength? How much does a spider need to eat for its weight? If you were a spider, how much would you need to eat?


Art:  How could you recreate a spider web?  Could you weave, draw, stamp? Study how it is supported on all sides and relate that to man-made sculptures.

Ages 3 and up


CHOKING HAZARD: Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Spiders, for 35