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Create friends, super heroes, South American Worry Dolls, and more with these precut adhesive pieces. Non-fraying fabric, hair and other good stuff included. This kit has been successful in curriculum, after school, at Bible Schools and more. It's just fun. Adults love it, too.


Materials needed: scissors, container for sand


Social Studies: Study traditional dress for different cultures in history. How did climate affect clothing? How was clothing used to depict rank in society? Your friend could be a Worry Doll. Learn about these.


Language Arts: Create a culture for your Friend and write about the culture and how your Friend fits. Write about it.


Science: How did skin colors originate?  Why are we different colors? What creates color in our body?  


Math: Who was the tallest person recorded? Shortest? Where do you fit between them? How have people changed in height in the last 100 years? Graph and calculate results.


Art: Style is choosing combinations of things that you enjoy.  What people in the world determine what style is? What careers do they have?  How is this related to art?


Ages 3 and up


CHOKING HAZARD: Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

New Friends, Kit for 15