Quick, easy, and cute.


Assemble and give it a personality; quick & easy, only $0.25 per project.


Materials needed: none


Social Studies: Where did snowmen originate? What cultures made figures from snow? How did we come to make the traditional 3 ball snowman?


Language Arts: What stories have creatures made from snow? Pretend your snowman came alive. Write its thoughts—would it spend its time worrying about melting or enjoy the fun of being alive. Exchange and read stories.  What words describe snow? Make a list.


Science: What temperature is “snowman snow”? How much moisture has to be in snow to make it stick together? What weather factors contribute to snow that packs?


Math: Determine the weight of different size snowballs given the weight/size of a square inch and vice versa. How large do you think the middle ball could be and not crush the bottom one?


Art: A snowman is a true example of found material art.  What sculptures have been made from snow? Can it be art if is melts?  What nontraditional found objects could you use to decorate a snowman? How would those things make it look?


Ages 3 and up.


CHOKING HAZARD: Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Snowman, Kit for 35 (Makes 70)