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Once you understand your assignment, it’s time to do some research. In this step, you should start looking at different sources to get ideas for what points you want to bring up throughout your essay.

If you create an outline with the topic sentences for your body paragraphs and then a few points of what you want to discuss, you’ll already have a strong starting point when it comes time to sit down and write. This brings us to our next step…

This is the kind of essay where you go into a lot more specific details describing a topic such as a place or an event.

Make sure your essay follows your outline and that everything relates to your thesis statement and your points are backed up by the research you did.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Instead of going in blind, follow these steps on how to write your essay from start to finish.

Add the Finishing Touches.

Once everything is checked and all the last touches are added, give your essay a final read through just to ensure it’s as you want it before handing it in.

Essay Writing Tips.

Here, your goal is to persuade the reader about your views on a specific topic.

Expository Essay.

For example, when arguing with a friend, your goal is to convince them that you’re right. The same goes for an argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay.

Another key tenant of an introduction is a thesis statement, which usually comes towards the end of the introduction itself. Your thesis statement should be a phrase that explains your argument, position, or central idea that you plan on developing throughout the essay.

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Let’s take a closer look at each section and what it entails.

Search online or head to the library and get as many resources as possible. You don’t need to use them all, but it’s good to start with a lot and then narrow down your sources as you become more certain of your essay’s direction.

Think of an essay as a discussion. There are many types of discussions you can have with someone else. You can be describing a story that happened to you, you might explain to them how to do something, or you might even argue about a certain topic.

Create a Thesis.

When it comes to writing an essay, many students think the only stage is getting all your ideas down on paper and submitting your work. However, that’s not quite the case.

Descriptive Essay.

Many students dread writing essays, but essay writing is an important skill to develop in high school, university, and even into your future career. By learning how to write an essay properly, the process can become more enjoyable and you’ll find you’re better able to organize and articulate your thoughts.

The revision process is one of the three main stages of writing an essay, yet many people skip this step thinking their work is done after the first draft is complete.

Here are a few of the main essay types you can expect to come across during your time in school:

You can also include a short outline of what to expect in your introduction, including bringing up brief points that you plan on explaining more later on in the body paragraphs.

Wrapping Up.


Write a First Draft.

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10 Steps To Writing An Essay

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