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Plus, a new version of AutoCAD for graphics designers:Support for 1 megapixel and larger vector graphics.Mobile design, drawing, and editing (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and more).Drag and drop symbol libraries.Add a preview window for any symbol.New Ribbon Toolbar and keyboard shortcuts.Tutorials and training, along with new online labs.Graphical AutoCAD – AutoCAD for graphics designersPrinting directly from AutoCADSave time and money by printing directly from your CAD drawings. See how.Bespoke styles and rulesThe new Bespoke tool enables you to apply any style to an entire drawing or specific blocks. Learn more.Mastering drawings and blocksWith new Flow Type tool, learn how to master your drawings for multiple versions. Learn how to master your drawings with the new Flow Type tool.Powerful symbols and symbols librariesEasily add and edit symbols, even large scale, and create symbol libraries.Tooltips and tips in new fonts and colorsThe new information tooltips provide details on drawings and blocks, showing symbol properties, the active layer, etc.Customizable status barShow more or hide CAD commands with a simple click. Or move it to the side for quick access.Multi-monitor enhancementsWith improved support for multiple monitors, including having different tools on each monitor, you can work efficiently with your CAD design projects.Exporting CAD drawings to PDFSave time and money by exporting drawings to PDF.New units and measurement toolsNew units with up to four decimal points, such as inches, feet, miles, and more.New measurement toolsMeasure the angles, lengths, and areas of lines and polygons with the new measurement tools.Panning and zoomingUse the new pan and zoom capabilities of the mouse to quickly navigate through designs, or use the keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out.New 3D viewsUse both 2D and 3D views at the same time in a single drawing.New 2D viewsView 2D drawings in their entirety as 2D drawings, and also view hidden layers.Rendered image quality enhancementsBetter image quality for better rendering. See the new rendering enhancements.Support for 2be273e24d

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