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Located at 16135 Harper Detroit, MI 48224

Hours are:

11 am to 6 pm Tuesday & Thursday

11 am to 4 pm Friday

11 am to 4 pm Saturday

Questions? Email for more info!

Please email with donation inquiries. 

Now Open for Walk-Up Shopping!


What to know before shopping with us!


We are a bulk shopping community store that sources recycled material for educators, creatives, and makers.


What is bulk shopping?

Our community store sells most of our creative supplies by the bag. A filled large bag costs ($8) or a small bag ($4.50) to fill up with supplies. Yarn, fabric, puzzles, wood scraps, tiles, stickies, machine parts, greeting cards, and many more recycled creative materials. You can check out our priced bags and individual items at our online sales Instagram page @detroitcommunitystore now!


What do we price individually and why?

We have a small section by our register that is ALL individually priced items, ranging from 10 cents to 20 dollars. In this section, we have small baskets to use while shopping. Everything will have prices on the bins, be mindful as to what bins you are taking things from for easier checkout. In this section, we stock our specialty items like sewing, scrapbooking, fine art supplies, and new unopened items. This section also gets roped off when we have our student field trips in the store so the children don’t fill up their bags with paint, xacto knives, and other items that may not be safe for everyone.

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