Student Workshops ** Virtual only during COVID **

Students create and learn through hands-on activities

After you pick from the curriculum that's best for your group, our instructors will bring an educational art integrated experience to your classroom. Students will enjoy an intro to Arts & Scraps and to the topic at hand. Afterwards, the instructor will lead them through creating something based on what they learned and their own imaginations.

Field Trips ** Currently unavailable **

Available to schedule Mon, Weds, or Fri

Come to Arts & Scraps! Instructors teach an intro to Arts & Scraps and a pre-determined lesson (picked by you, based on what's best for your students), and help students create something based on what they learned and their own imaginations. Next, students get to play in Scrap Lab. 5 different interactive STEM stations are ready for play and experimentation. Last, students shop with a lunch-sized paper bag in our store. Students are encouraged to pick materials with a project in mind. However, you can decide if you'd like materials to go home or be used in your setting.

Event Activities ** Custom contactless kit options available during COVID **

Hands-on, creative fun for people as they wander by

We will come to your event and set up a custom make-and-take project related to your day. We can make just about anything out of our scraps, and the students will come up with the coolest ideas based on our basic design. Although this program is not education based, it is flexible to many situations.

Service Field Trip ** Virtual and remote opportunities available **

Extended visit for 30+ students

If you have more than 30 students or want to have an extended visit, we recommend our Service Field Trip. Students will go through a normal Field Trip, but also get to experience what volunteerism is all about. They will get to prep the very materials that they experimented with in the classroom, helping them see the cycle of Reuse.

STEM Activation School ** Unavailable for 2020 school year. We are open for partnerships during the 2021 school year! **

Let Arts & Scraps become a part of your school for a whole year!

Bring professional development, curriculum-based kits, free materials for all teachers, access to grant writing training and a visit to the entire school. Turn your school into a green, art integrated STEM mecca. 

Birthday Party ** Virtual only during COVID **

A celebration - at our place or yours!

Want to throw your child a birthday party without cleaning up your house or paying a fortune? Come to Arts & Scraps! Children will enjoy our projects and store, leaving time for cake and presents. Your party will be "green", fun and support Arts & Scraps programs - visit us or we'll visit you with activities, Participants shop for their goodie bag!

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Parent & Child Workshop ** Virtual only during COVID **

Parents help children gain confidence in their abilities

This unique workshop helps parents that want to gain confidence in their ability to help their child learn at home. By learning our unique Educational Philosophy, parents are engaged in how to teach STEM at home. While the children receive a fun and engaging STEM lesson in one room, parents are taught a different STEM lesson in another room. Parents are sent home with enough kits to teach their kit at home, giving them success off which they can build.

Arts & Scraps at Night ** Unavailable during COVID **

Relax with friends while you create!

Enjoy your snacks, beer or wine, relax with friends and make something “Arts & Scraps style”. Invite experienced artists or those who feel they don't have a creative bone in their body. Amazing things happen in a group with a creative atmosphere and "weird stuff". Projects are customizable to your group.

Conference ** Unavailable during COVID **

A great (green!) resource for educators

Does your Conference want a green resource for teachers? Arts & Scraps offers a mini-store pop-up of 12-15 recycled items, seasonal die cuts, educational kits and colorful sand. Other items by request or inspiration. We can also bring our educational philosophy in and be a speaker for your event.

Adult Workshop ** Virtual only during COVID **

Anyone can learn from Arts & Scraps!

Options include several Professional Development options for educators, Parent/Child workshops to increase parental confidence in teaching at home and team building activities for any office environment. Contact us so we can help determine the best option for you.


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