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Recycling, hands-on learning, and all creative processes are made possible thanks to funding provided by supporters below:


Over 200 businesses in the Detroit Metro area and throughout the United States donate materials. We would like to thank them for their time and effort in saving material instead of sending it to a landfill. Thousands of individuals save materials from home and deliver to Arts & Scraps. Thousands of people also contribute financially to Arts & Scraps.

Please accept the thanks of 275,000 children.


100% of the Arts & Scraps board members support Arts & Scraps with financial gifts.





Bring hands-on learning to schools in Southeastern MI.


Group kits can empower teachers and their students. Fund these kits to bring learning directly to Detroit classrooms.  

Support Sponsorships

Let's talk and we'll create an opportunity for you.

Other Sponsorships

There are so many ways for us to partner with your group when it comes to sponsorships. Let's discuss the best way for us to work together. 

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