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Comcast offering 2 months of free internet:

Learn more about it here:


Charter Communications internet free for 60 days – Call: 1-844-488-8395

More internet access plans and information here:

Emergency Broadband Benefit Guide

Cybersecurity for K-12 students: A complete guide on how to get started



Offline Activities

Explore the outdoors for a scavenger hunt, race, and play!

Take a walk around the neighborhood and play 'I Spy'

Bird watching

Sit outside and draw what you see

Collect sticks and make a sculpture with nature

Find rocks to paint

Leaf rubbings:

Printable learning activities for all ages:

Kids yoga tutorial:

Coin Collecting for Kids Guidebook

Search free classroom resources here by subject:

Educational apps for blind and visually impaired students of all ages, 45 days free but will extend if needed:

Math and Language games for all ages:

Virtual field trips offering virtual tours at 19 worldwide museums:

Mathematics video resources

Measuring length: Grades 3-6th

Science podcast for 1st-12th grade:

Reading for PreK and up:

Free collection high-quality Ted Talk style educational videos for all ages:

Video game style math learning platform: Grades 1st-8th:

Multiplication: Grades 3-6th

How to make a boat: PreK – 3rd grade

Earth & space Science videos: 3rd Grade and up

Printable activities, daily weekday episodes and creative learning with Sesame Street:

Daily schedules and interactive exercises:

Lessons and activities for students with disabilities:

Science lessons and at home experiments:

Make Your House a Home: 9 Expert Tips to Upgrade Your Home’s Style

How to Teach Kids About Money

How to Start A College Fund For Your Child

Digital Eye Strain: Effective Prevention & Treatment Methods

Guide: Adjusting to Coronavirus & Autism

Autism Resources & Help (For Parents, Teachers & More)

Free Practice Tests Based On Official Exams


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