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From a Business

What does your business throw away that is clean, safe, and interesting?

We are looking for items that have no value to you, but are treasures to us — punch outs, promo items, samples, surplus, obsolete materials — it’s hard to ask for things that we don't know exist! Smaller is better than larger, color is a bonus. Items must be clean and ready to be used by children.


We will come to your site and check materials, then pick up materials on a schedule convenient for you. We also receive donations by freight or mail. Over 180 businesses nationwide already save landfill costs and support children — join them and recycle with us.


We will not accept sharp objects or materials containing lead or phthalates — the plastic is harmful to children.

Typical industrial materials accepted:

  • gasket scraps

  • cuttings and punch-outs

  • washers or part covers used in shipping

  • fabric

  • vinyl or leather scraps

  • smooth wood and wood turnings

  • colored paper

  • surplus or outdated stock

  • unusual packing material (no Styro worms, please)

  • sturdy cardboard tubes

  • samples and sample books

  • foam pieces

  • promotional materials — badges, magnets, misc.

Questions? Contact our donation coordinator at or call Dana at 313 - 658 - 9903 

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