Arts & Scraps: Bringing the Fun Home


We currently offer 3 kits that involve the following subjects: Robotics, Biology, and Aeronautic Engineering. Our kits are handmade in Detroit from 100% recycled materials.

Robot: Creators get to design a robot that can solve a specific problem from unique materials. 

Living Things Adapt: Focuses on imagining and creating an organism that can survive in extreme environments.

Spacecraft: Creators learn about the various spacecraft and vehicles that have been crafted to explore the universe.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

All kits will be shipped as we limit the number of people within our Community Store. All shipping will be handled by UPS Ground Delivery, so please expect a delay between purchase and delivery. 


Caution: These products contain small parts! May not be suitable for children under 4 years old, small children may require adult supervision.