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Come visit the Scrap Lab in our classroom!








First, here's what you need to know:

Our Scrap Lab and classroom is self guided

We have a map, how-to instructions and project prompts for you and your group to use. Our staff is accessible for when help if needed.

We do not use glue or paint for creations in our Scrap Lab classroom

At Arts & Scraps we use recycled materials in our STEM kits and in our community store. While we do sell donated paint and glue in the store, we keep them out of our classroom to keep things clean.

Clean up as you go

Please leave our space as clean, or cleaner than you found it. We are volunteer fueled and don’t have the resources to clean up after each individual or group, so we ask that you clean up after yourself. Trash cans and brooms should be around the room, ask if you can not find the cleaning supplies you need.

In order to keep Scrap Lab accessible to everyone in the community, we have a suggested donation 

If you are able to pay $5 per child, you cover the cost for another child who is unable to pay. It takes time and care from our staff and volunteers to keep the Scrap Lab interesting and operating smoothly. Every dollar you donate keeps creative education moving forward.

We are open to the public during our store hours

Aside from the rare occasion we have a scheduled field trip using our classroom, the Scrap Lab is open to the public during store hours. Our hours are Tuesday & Thursday, 11am-6pm and Saturday 11am-4pm.

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